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From the CEO


From the CEO

After China experiencing a new round of economic development, more and more Chinese families can afford to send their children abroad to pursue the best quality education. The long-existing exam-oriented education system and tremendous academic pressure largely jeopardised the learning motivation of Chinese students. Therefore, high net worth Chinese families started to pay attention to education in developed western countries, such as the UK and the US where education systems are renowned worldwide. The Chinese parents are eager to send their kids to prestigious boarding schools in the hope that they can fully immerse in a happy learning environment and have better opportunities to get into world top universities.

In my opinion, “studying abroad” means young pupils have the opportunities to receive all round education in a caring and enlightened environment with great facilities and experienced and qualified teaching staff. All-round education should focus on stimulating students’ learning motivation and curiosities, developing their independence and self-discipline, encouraging them to strive for academic, sporting and cultural excellence. All-round education should also encourage students to develop life-long hobbies which they could be benefited in the long run. Small-size classes and high degree of pastoral care ensure enough attention for each student, helping them develop their individualities. Top boarding schools have been educating students for generations and are expertise in making students aware of social and moral responsibilities. The high quality education offered by top schools completely fulfills parents’ expectations for their kids.

As one of the earliest established and most competitive educational consultancy in China, Nietzsche Education is obliged to fulfill numerous families’ expectation and trust. As the founder and CEO, I deeply understand our significant responsibility and its profound meaning. With the faith of western educational philosophy, all our departments collaborate together wholeheartedly to provide our clients with valuable individual-tailored service for each unique young student, so as to help them to achieve their goals. Last but not the least, we sincerely hope all the Nietzche students would be enjoying their study time at these top independent schools. Our team and I will keep working hard, stay true to the mission and will be more than happy to share every joy and success of our students.