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14. Senior Schools & School Transfer

Senior Schools

Nietzsche academic advisors support students based on their needs to help them settle down and adapt to the overseas education systems as soon as possible. Our advisors also give professional suggestions and choose suitable senior schools according to every student’s study performance at school. Specialized tutorials for written examinations as well as interviews are provided, aiming to help students enter their ideal senior schools.


School Transfer

It is extremly important and necessary for pupiles to get fully prepared for the upcoming overseas study both academicly and mentally as they are to confront all the challenges and obstacles independently the minute they leave home. As mentioned and emphasized, paying visits to preferred boarding schools is a vital and essential step before making a final decision. It is not surprised to see that students who do not realize the importance of visiting shcools and fall to do so before enrollment are more likely to apply a school transfer as the schools they are attending are not good as they imagined. If students and their parents turn to Nietzsche for help at such stage, our academic advisors will help them find the reasons behind the failure of adapting to a new school and come up with a optimal transfer plan after taking the students’ school performance, personalities, personal willings and all the influential factors into consideration. Nietzsche is responsible for the implementation of the established plans, meaning that students can benefit from our expertise and rich experience from now on.


According to the statistics, first three months in a new school are the peak time of applying a school transfer, which is mainly due to the lack of knowledge about schools and teaching systems, such as undesirable English language learning environment because of high percentage of Chinese students, being unable to understand the content of lessons although have met the entry requirements through cramming for the exams as well as unsatisfied school facilities or study atmosphere. Our academic advisors remind parents that in order to choose the most suitable school for their children, they need to explore schools in to the most before making the final decision. It is also pretty normal for young pupils who could not adapt to a new environment at the beginning. We suggest parents give their children some time to settle down at first but immediately contact our academic advisors if the children really could not fit in. We will give the best alternative plan on the basis of comprehensive factors, including students’ personalities, interests and performance at school.





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