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15. University

The last two years at senior schools are a critical period that influences university application. In these two years, students have to gain high scores in standard examinations, such as A-level, IB or SAT, TOEFL and IELTS, in order to apply for top universities around the world. These universities receive thousands of applications from all over the world, about two thirds of whom meet the entry requirements. However, only one fifth could finally get an offer. Excellent academic achievement could not be the overwhelming advantage to beat other outstanding competitors. Various social activities, excellent academic research experience, abundant personal specialties and talents will help students gain registrars’ favour to a large extent. Being able to communicate with fluent English and demonstrating great confidence during the interview are also essentially required by most of universities. All listed abilities are obviously not overnight achievements but need long-term training. Nietzsche pays close attention to our students’ performance throughout their whole study period abroad and provides professional suggestions and tutorials if necessary. We are able to help them achieve the best in university application and obtain offers from their dream schools.


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