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6. Visiting

Most Chinese parents are less familiar with schools and the education systems in the UK, USA and Switzerland. They always try to absorb related knowledge only from Chinese websites, most of the information on which is published by other consulting agents who seldom visit these schools or have never done so, making it impossiable for them to provide most updated and accurate information as we do. Actually, nothing is more improtant than paying a visit to these schools in person, which is a valuable opportunity for parents to get a whole picture of a school’s teaching and sophisticated facilities, boarding house, transportation, environment, as well as to hear from the current pupils about their experiences and see what the schoools have to offer about teaching methods, extra-curricular activities, students’ achievements, and leavers’ destinations. We strongly recommed students and parents to visit schools if time allows.


When required, we make appointments with preferred schools and accompany students and parents to make such visits. These schools also value the students and parents’ visits as they would valuate the students’ potential through meetings with the headmasters, registrars and house masters. Students and parents can also enjoy a school tour and feel about the schools’ different ethos. The school visits in conjunction with our expertise help our clients determine whether the schools are suitable for their children.



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