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7. Entry Test

UK & Switzerlan

Majority of the schools in the UK and Switzerland have their own entrance papers and interviews for all the candidates to sit in order to select suitable ones. Applicants are expected to demonstrate their academic strength, English levels, personalities among other factors that a school values.


It is often the case that candidates have to take different schools’ individual entrance examinations that lay particular stress on different aspects even when entry for a same year group. We help students prepare for examinations with specific study plan and effective coaching. Owing to our accredited status Nietzsche has privilige to invigilate candidates  for selective schools at our offices and follow-on interviews via skype or in person when the admission officers or registrars are invited to travel to Nietzsche for the pupils’ best interest when they don’t juggle to apply for authorised absence or have to miss the classes.  And there is little doubt our candidates better perform in their tests without suffering from jet lag or stress by distant travel.


The United States

Boarding schools in America do not hold entrance tests, but they attach great importance to candidates’ English abilities, meaning that good SSAT or ISEE results are advantages students can take to apply for top schools. Besides, American schools value candidates’ hobbies and interests as well as personalities quite a lot that even students who get full marks in the SSAT test might be rejected by top boarding schools. Only good academic performance and exam results cannot earn a student a place at top American boarding schools.