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Nietzsche provides a series of courses to help students on different stages as shown below:


Entrance Examination Preparation Courses

Entrance examination preparation courses are available for our students to take, designed to fill the gaps between their current knowledge and that required by the target school. After passing the written tests, students will take tutorials to improve their listening, speaking and interview skills in order to stand out from all the candidates.


 Preparation Courses for Living and Studying Abroad:

After getting offers, students can benefit from our preparation courses, improving their skills in note-taking, critical thinking, essay writing and other academic aspects as well as intercultural communication abilities. Equipped with the fundamental knowledge, our students can adapt to the life and study in another country quickly and smoothly.


Synchronous Tutorials:

Even after going abroad, we still can offer synchronous tutorials to any student who requires help at any time. The tutorials can improve students’ academic and social abilities, helping students get better performance both in and out of the classroom.