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As one of the most prestigious consultancy in China, Nietzsche International Education expertizes in students’ application for well-known independent schools in developed western countries. The needs of children and their families are always the centre of our operation that influences every decision at Nietzsche. Our profession and compassion can help every family achieve their dreams by providing customised study plan, top school application plan and comprehensive follow-up services. More than an nformation provider, we are education experts that endeavour to help our students earn a bright future.

Our History

  • Nietzsche was officially established
  • Officially authorised to represent Hurtwood House in china
  • Officially authorised to represent International College, Sherborne School in China
  • Nietzsche set up an office in shanghai as the frist step into Chinese mainland market
  • Officially authorised to represent Sidcot School and Badminton School in China
  • The Collection of British Boarding Schools was published and got positive feedback
  • The head office of nietzsche was offically established in Shanghai, Officially authorised to represent Taunton School, Royal Russell School adn Roedean School in China
  • Officially authorised to represent Brighton College and Godstowe School in China
  • Officially authorised to represent the King's School (Canterbury) and Bromsgrove School in China.
  • Officially authorised as the exclusive representative and the test centre in China for Tonbridge School.Officially authorised to represent Charterhouse School in China
  • Officially authorised to represent Millfield School, Abingdon School, The Downs Malvern Prep School and Aiglon College in China. Officially authorised as the exclusive representative and the test centre in China for Port Regis School. Elected as one of‘2014 Most Influential Education Groups in China’by Xinhuanet
  • Appointed as the official test centre of UKiset. Headquarter's expanded in Shanghai. Officially authorised to represent Epsom College in China. Branches established in London
  • Officially authorised to represent St John's Beaumont Preparatory School in China. Top Independent Boarding Schools Guide - UK was published
  • Nietzsche Education, partnered with HNTV (Henan TV), produced the documentary of 'Chinese Boarders at British Boarding Schools'. Top Independent Boarding Schools Guide - US was published
  • Officially authorized to represent D'Overbroeck's College in China. Top Independent Boarding Schools Guide - AUS was published


Visitor Messages

Thank you for a great visit and a wonderful partnership, Your students are Awesome.

The Storm King School

It has been a great pleasure to see the shanghai office, Thanks for hosting Millfield.

James Postle
Millfield School

What a great pleasure it has been to visit your wonderful company and meet your charming staff. i look forward to waiting with you in the future.

Sarah Lillicrap
Truro High School

Fabulous welcome hospitzlily, with exceptional professionalism.

Fiona Duncan
Strathallan School

Thank you for your warm welcome and for organising such a fabulous visit. Very professional and highly organised.

Rachel Scannell
Bromsgrove School

Thank you for hosting Frybury Academy at your offices today. we look forward to working with you to help students pursue their dreams and to "find their place in the world".

Joe Manning
Fryebury Academy

What a wonderful welcome and an impressive professinal team.i look forward to working with you all.

Kate Reynolds
Leweston School

Thank you so much for your hospitality, we look forward to working with you.

Georgina Hanford
King’s college Saint Michaels

A great hononr to visit the top expects in British education very best wishes!

James Heath
Astrum Education

A wondeful welcome from a wonderful team Thank you!.

Mark Love
Oxford Tutorial College

A big thank you to your team for the warm welcoming. Hoping to cooperating with you soon.

Celine Gelli
La Garenne

From the CEO



The exam-oriented education system and tremendous academic pressure not only jeopardised the learning motivation of pupils but also deprived their joy of learning. An increasing number of elite families therefore focused on the education in developed western countries, such as the UK and the US where education systems are renowned worldwide. Chinese parents are eager to send their children to prestigious boarding schools in the hope that they can fully immerse in a happy learning environment and ensure superlative places in the foremost leading universities.