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Nietzsche provides our clients with customised one-stop service to smooth their investing or immigrating activities, including background data analysis, case sharing, project planning, decoration supporting and all other requests set by our clients.

With increasing number of people choosing to study abroad or immigrate to another country and the slowdown of China’s economic growth, more investors tend to purchase overseas houses in order to get high returns through reselling or just for their own use. Aiming at giving response to clients’ requests in no time when they are abroad, Nietzsche has allocated customer service teams in several countries to maintain the high quality of our one-stop service. Besides, clients can benefit from the mutually trusted relationships built between Nietzsche and local real estate developers. Nietzsche is a consultancy that can be trusted and relied on by all the clients.


Service Highlights

Different from other property consultancies, more than providing our clients with newly built houses and houses under construction, Nietzsche’s business has stretched into the second-hand housing market. In addition, based on customers’ preferences, all potential housing resources would be filtered and evaluated for several times before we take clients to pay an on-site visit.

Communication and information exchange between Nietzsche and local property consultancies can make sure that our clients can enjoy the same price as well as the same housing resources with local house buyers and investors.



Customised Services

◎  Resource Gathering

◎  Price Negotiation

◎  Legal Assistance

◎  Evaluation & Valuation

◎  Account Opening

◎  Loan Lending

◎  Moving & Resettlement

◎  Decoration Support

◎  Living Assistance