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Our Service

Our Service

Our Service

1. Consultation

Most of our academic advisors are outstanding graduates from world top universities and senior consulting professionals that have years of experience in the field. They are very familiar with both Chinese and westen education systems. Besides, regular visits to overseas schools keep their knowledge of schools' entry requirements, campus environment and cultural environment most updated and trustworthy.

It is of paramount importance to make a wise decision on children's overseas study plan for a family. Our academic advisors can help families deal with all kinds of uncertainties, doubts and questions, such as “Should my child go study abroad?”,“What is the best time for my child to study abroad?”, “What is the best study path for my child?” and so forth.


After consultation, a comprehensive pre-assessment is arranged for a student to take to demonstrate his/her current academic abilities and potential. A face-to-face interview would help us gain a better knowledge of the student's interests, personalities, strengths and weaknesses as well as motivation to study abroad among other factors.


Nietzsche has been working closely with a handful of overseas boarding schools for two decades. We arrange academic advisors to visit our school partners a few times every year to keep updated with schools' admission officers and registrars about entry requirement and vacancies. We take all the influential factors as received from pre-assessment and different family needs into account to come up with a most suitable and optimal study plan to the student. As we receive constant inquiries, we are in a very good position to identify potential pupils for each top school and based on the pupils' excellent performance, we have won more and more of the schools' trust and eventually been officially authorised as some of the top schools' exclusive or preferred agent in our regions of mainland China and Taiwan.


It is well-known that being admitted to top boarding schools is very competitive and becomes even fiercer in recent years. Once a student's study plan has been set, our teachers would provide individually tailored courses and tutorials to every student, aiming at improving their abilities in reading, writing, listening and interview skills to make up the weaknesses and improve the strengths. These intensive courses and tutorials can effectively help students get fully prepared for the coming entrance examinations, interviews as well as further overseas study.

Our teachers would still keep a close eye on students' academic performance even after they join the new school to make sure that they have a steady and smooth start in a completely new education system. Our academic advisors would keep a track of every student's academic reports and our teachers would provide every student with one-to-one tutorials accordingly during the holiday.


Application materials play an important role. Based on comprehensive evaluation and deep understanding of a student, we prepare a reference letter that demonstrates the reasons why we think that the student is a good candidate for a school to consider. Our service does not end at submitting application materials, regular contacts and mutual trust between Nietzsche and overseas schools can benefit students in a long run.


Most Chinese parents are less familiar with schools and the education systems n advanced western countries, such as the UK and the USA. They always try to absorb related knowledge only from Chinese websites, most of the information on which is published by other consulting agents who seldom visit these schools or have never done so, making it impossible for them to provide most updated and accurate information as we do. Actually, nothing is more authentic than paying a visit to these schools in person, which is a valuable opportunity for parents to get a whole picture of a school's sophisticated facilities, boarding houses, transportation, environment, as well as to hear from the current pupils about their experiences and see what the schools have to offer about teaching methods, extra-curricular activities, students' achievements and leavers' destinations. We strongly recommend students and their parents to visit schools if time allows.

When required, we make appointments with preferred schools and accompany students and their parents to make such visits. These schools also value the students and their parents' visits as they would evaluate the students' potential through meetings with the headmasters, registrars and house masters. Students and their parents can also enjoy a school tour and feel about the schools' different ethos. The school visits in conjunction with our expertise help our clients determine whether the schools are suitable for the children.

7.Entry Test

Majority of the schools have their own entrance papers and interviews for all candidates to sit in order to select suitable ones. Applicants are expected to demonstrate their academic strengths, English levels, personalities among other factors that a school values.

It is often the case that candidates have to take different schools' individual entrance examinations that lay particular stress on different aspects even when entering for a same year group. We help students prepare for examinations with specific study plans and effective coaching. Owing to our accredited status, Nietzsche has the privilege to invigilate candidates' entrance tests for selective schools at our offices. Besides, our students can take follow-on interviews via Skype or in person at our offices when the admission officers or registrars are invited to travel to Nietzsche, in which way pupils' best interest can be achieved as they do not juggle to apply for authorised absence or have to miss the classes. And there is little doubt that our candidates can better perform in their tests without suffering from jet lag or exhaustion caused by distant travel.

Boarding schools in America do not hold entrance tests, but they attach great importance to candidates' English abilities, meaning that good SSAT or ISEE results are advantages students can take to apply for top schools. Besides, American schools value candidates' hobbies and interests as well as personalities a lot that even students who get full marks in the SSAT test might be rejected. Only good academic performance and exam results cannot earn a student a places at top American boarding schools in some cases.


As a result of Nietzsche's unremitting endeavour as well as parents' and students' efforts, most of our students can get offers from at least two target schools. Normally, students have 2 to 4 weeks to decide whether to take a school's offer before paying a deposit to guarantee a place. Our academic advisors help parents and students make final decisions through providing details about that school and giving advice from a professional perspective. We not only provide comprehensive services but also facilitate the communication difficulties before students get enrolled.


Nietzsche's service covers every step in the process of Visa application, from preparing documents and necessary materials, filling out application forms, paying visa application fees, making an appointment to accompanying students to submit applications and take interviews to name but a few. We are happy to say that none of our students has experienced visa denial so far.


All guardians are carefully selected and recommended to our clients to meet schools' requirements, Nietzsche ensures that the recommended guardians have higher education background, no criminal record and years of experience as guardians.

Guardians can not only provide students with lodging and transportation arrangements during school holidays, but also supervise students' study and growth through communicating with students and providing advice and guidance when it is necessary. Guardians play the role of parents when students are abroad by themselves, and they are the ones students can turn to when they need any help.


For most of the young pupils who have never or seldom experienced living in another country all by themselves, we provide them a copy of a survival guide " Handbook for Studying in the UK " to give tips and help them overcome obstacles in all aspects of daily life. Nietzsche organises seminars in every summer, inviting current students from overseas schools to share experiences and make suggestions.

Besides, Nietzsche invites senior lecturers from famous boarding schools in summer holidays to introduce essential preparation knowledge and give lessons, allowing these new pupils to have a taste of overseas teaching and get familiar with basic academic topics. These lessons can fill the gaps between Chinese and Western education systems to some extent for our students.


Our staffs escort students and their parents to travel and arrive on the first day and move into boarding houses, acquaint them with school environment and teaching staffs as well as purchase school uniforms, aiming at helping the pupils settle in their boarding school within the shortest time.