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Testimonials and Greetings from Our Partner Schools



【Wycliffe College】From the Director of Marketing and Admissions, Ms Tessa Nichols

Thank you so much indeed for your kind hospitality and for making the time to meet me. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all and see round your offices, and I was very impressed by Nietzsche Education.

【Roedean School】A Thank-you Card from The Headmaster, Mr Oliver Blond

Many thanks for your kindness, generosity and exceptional hospitality. You gave me a superb introduction to the wonder of Shanghai and I enjoyed meeting your wonderful team. Thank you for all your support.

【Astrum Education】Note from Deputy Marketing Director, Mr Simon Greenslade

11th March,2015,Simon Greenslade, the deputy marketing director of Astrum Education visited Nietzsche Education Head office, and left a thank you note for Nietzsche.

【The Storm King School】Note from Deputy Director of Admissions, Mr Kevin Jacobson

A warm greeting message to Nietzsche was left by the Deputy Director of Admissions of The Storm King School, Mr Kevin Jacobson.

【Truro High School for Girls】Note from the Director of Marketing, Mrs Sarah Lillicrap

Mrs Sarah Lillicrap was really appreciated the professional services of Nietzsche.

【Strathallan School】Note from the Director of Marketing, Ms Fiona Duncan

The Director of Marketing of Strathallan School, Ms Fiona Duncan was very appreciated the working atmosphere.

【Millfield School】Note from the Headmaster, Mr Craig Considine

5th June, 2017, the Marketing & Strategy Manager of Nietzsche received the postcard from the Headmaster of Millfield, Mr Craig Considine. He looks forward to visit China and meet Nietzsche’s members again.

【Bromsgrove School】Note from Assistant Head, Ms Rachel Scannell

The Assistant Head of Bromsgrove School, Ms Rachel Scannell appreciated Nietzsche’s organized arrangement.

【Fryeburg Academy】 Note from the Associate Director of Admission, Ms Beth Ross

The the Associate Director of Admission of Fryeburg Academy, Ms Beth Ross looks forward to meeting Nietzsche team again.

【Fyreburg Academy】 Visits Nietzsche Head Office

The Assistant Head of Fryeburg Academy, Mr Joseph R. Manning was appreciated the hosting and looked forward to working with Nietzsche.